Podcast interview booking


We do all the leg-work involved in booking you as an expert guest on quality podcasts. We guarantee that every booking secured will be on a show within your areas of expertise and with your desired audience type. 

Here's how we go about getting you booked for great interviews and what our service includes:


Your Own Personal Account Manager

You will have direct access to your own dedicated account manager, highly experienced in podcast interview booking. They will get to know you personally, understand your expertise, the type of shows you want to be on and the audience types you wish to talk too.


Podcast Shows That Match You

We find podcast shows that suit your expertise. Each show is researched to ensure it's well-established, has good listener numbers and producing high-quality content. You can let us know if there are specific podcast shows you’d like us to contact on your behalf. If we ever book an interview that isn’t a good fit, we’ll replace it for you.


Host Communications & Interview Confirmations

We take care of all communication with show hosts until your interviews are secured. This includes personalized, professional pitching, follow-ups and getting your interviews confirmed. 


Schedule Your Interview Recording Dates

Using your online calendar, we coordinate your recording dates for you, getting your interviews scheduled. We ensure each show host has your bio and head-shot, your website and social media info and your contact details. If you would prefer to manage your own scheduling we’ll connect you directly with hosts.