how our service works


       Here's how we go about getting you great interviews:


You Get Your Own Personal Podcast Interview Booker

You will have your own dedicated account manager, highly experienced in podcast interview booking. They will get to know you, understand your expertise, the type of shows you want to be an expert guest on and the type of audiences you wish to talk too.


We Find Podcast Shows That Match You 

We find perfect podcast shows for your expertise to get you in front of your desired audience. We ensure each podcast show is well established, has a good number of listeners and is producing high-quality episodes and guest interviews. You can let us know if there are specific podcast shows you’d like us to contact on your behalf. And if we book an interview that you don't like, we will simply replace it.


We Communicate with The Podcast Hosts

We take care of all the communication with show hosts. We explain why you're a fabulous expert guest and why their particular audience will enjoy listening to you. Think of us as your podcast secretary. 


We Get Your Podcast Interviews Confirmed

Everyone's busy, so often podcast show hosts need a few reminders before setting up an interview. We diligently keep following up, using our persuasive charm to get your podcast interviews secured. 


We Schedule Your Podcast Interview Dates 

Using your calendar link, we coordinate the recording dates for your podcast interviews with the hosts, getting all your podcast interviews scheduled and in your diary. We ensure each show host has your bio and head-shot, your website and social media info and your contact details. If you would prefer to manage your own scheduling, we can connect you directly with hosts.