The Podcast Interview Specialists

We're the best in the business at getting you booked on podcasts as an expert guest. We specialize in securing and scheduling quality podcast interviews for professionals, entrepreneurs and authors, as well as finding superb expert guests for show hosts.

Podcast interviews are one of the most effective ways that you can add value, build a global community and fulfill your marketing desires. There is no greater resource to showcase your business, book, product or expertise to a far-reaching, targeted audience and massively boost your SEO at the same time. Smart marketing!

We guaranteed you great interviews every time and will only book you onto quality shows that have your target audience!

We're Natalie Davey and Sue Morton, co-founders of The Expert Bookers. We are two the most experienced podcast booking specialists in the industry. Our expert team have worked with hundreds of amazing expert guests and show hosts, and secured thousands of interviews every year. We have built a outstanding reputation within the industry for a reason. Our personalized service, coupled with our extensive connections, skilled research and vast sales experience tailored to this particular field, make us the best. 




The word on the street...

"This is a very experienced team that will take time to understand your goals and match you with great podcasts. Everything about The Expert Bookers is professional and the customer support is phenomenal. They really care about you as a client and take pride in what they do."


"Right let's get this clear, I LOVE working with Natalie & Sue. They are down-to-earth, fun, like-able and uber professional. If you are looking for someone who is spot-on when dealing with clients across the board then these ladies have it BIGTIME. They are a total delight."

- DAVID RALPH - Host of Join Up Dots Podcast -

"The Expert Bookers have been a great help both in recruiting guests onto our podcast, and in promoting me out to other podcast hosts.  They have shown greater flexibility in meeting my requests than other competing podcast services I have used.  I highly recommend them.”

- Jefferson Lilly - investment Expert & host of mobile home park investors podcast


"Sue is a Pro's pro. She totally gets is about building relationships and success comes to those who realize connection, communication and human interaction are key to building a business. Sue understands, lives, eats, sleeps and breathes this philosophy. It is my pleasure to have known her since my podcast got started 350 episodes ago and I will continue to trust her judgment as I have done before many times."

 - Doug Sandler - host of nice guys on business podcast -

"I began working with Natalie in 2015. Her ability to match me up with podcasts as a guest has been phenomenal. She is detail-oriented, professional and kind. Her customer service mentality has made her a pleasure to work with and generated many great presentations for me. Take the opportunity to work with Natalie and contact her today."

- Mike Shelah - Linkedin training expert & keynote speaker -

"Exceeded all of my expectations for booking guests for my podcast. I thought it might take a month or more, but Sue booked six great guests in one week and did it with style and professionalism. She also taught me a lot about podcasting! I will definitely hire her again to book more guests for my podcasts and can recommend her without any reservations." 

- Robert Plotkin - Host of Technology for Mindfulness Podcast -



Our Promise To You

We WILL book you great interviews! But we will never do it by including you in a dull, non-personalized, mass sales pitch. Rather, we contact individual hosts, or potential guests, to highlight the specific reasons as to why they should interview with YOU. We will always represent you in a professional manner, laying a foundation from which a lasting connection between host and guest can be made - this we solemnly swear.