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Millions of entrepreneurs, authors, coaches, business owners and thought leaders, recognize the power of podcasting. It is the most effective way to add value, build a global community and fulfill marketing desires. There is no greater resource to showcase your business, book, product or expertise to a far-reaching audience. And the best part, podcast interviews are a marketing media with no expiration date...once online, forever online.  

We are the experienced specialists for booking amazing interviews.




Right lets get this clear, I LOVE working with Natalie & Sue. They are down-to-earth, fun, like-able and uber professional. If you are looking for someone who is spot-on when dealing with clients across the board then these ladies have it BIGTIME. They are a total delight.
— David Ralph - Host, Join Up Dots Podcast
Natalie & Sue were two of my first team members at Interview Connections. They worked on my remote team of guest bookers for over three years and are hands down two of the most reliable, dependable and intelligent ladies to work with. I am excited to see them join forces and start this business.
— Jessica Rhodes, Founder & CEO of Interview Connections
Sue is a Pro’s pro. She totally gets is about building relationships and success comes to those who realize connection, communication and human interaction are key to building a business. Sue understands, lives, eats, sleeps and breathes this philosophy. It is my pleasure to have known her since my podcast got started 350 episodes ago and I will continue to trust her judgement as I have done before, many times.
— Doug Sandler - Host, Nice Guys on Business Podcast
I began working with Natalie in 2015. Her ability to match me up with podcasts as a guest has been phenomenal. She is detail-oriented, professional and kind. Her customer service mentality has made her a pleasure to work with and generated many great presentations for me. Take the opportunity to work with Natalie and contact her today.
— Mike Shelah, Expert guest



We will never include you in a dull, non-personalized, mass sales pitch. Rather, we will contact individual hosts and highlight specific reasons as to why 'you' are a great guest for their particular show and audience. We will always represent you in a professional manner, laying a foundation from which a lasting connection between host and guest can be made.