• Establishing you as a thought-leader

  • Driving more traffic to your site

  • Creating great content for social posting

  • Extending your network & influence

  • Evergreen marketing to increase your SEO

  • Acquiring organic back-links for your site

Looking for the best podcast interview booking service to help you achieve the above? Through the power of podcast marketing we’ll help you achieve that and more.

As one of the longest standing and most experienced podcast interview booking agencies, our team’s industry knowledge and vast network are used to successfully secure quality podcast interviews. We have spent years specializing in interview booking for business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches and authors.

With our outstanding customer service, we’re dedicated to getting you great podcast interviews on shows within your areas of expertise and with your target audience.

Through podcast interview booking we help you do more, say more and reach more.

Our SOLE Purpose: To book amazing people quality interviews on great shows, defining them as a thought-leader and allowing them the opportunity to provide valuable content to listeners and the global community!


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word on the street...


"I'm extremely satisfied with The Expert Bookers, in my first week of signing on, I had four great interviews in the books. Everything happened very fast, and exactly how they promised. I'm delighted with their attention to detail and their delivery. My personal account manager is super attentive and has surpassed my expectations."

- Grace Estripeaut - CEO, Boost your Zen -


"Right let's get this clear, I LOVE working with Natalie and the team. They are down-to-earth, fun, like-able and uber professional. If you are looking for someone who is spot-on when dealing with clients across the board then these ladies have it BIGTIME. They are a total delight."

- DAVID RALPH - Host of Join Up Dots Podcast -


"The Expert Bookers have been a great help both in recruiting guests onto our podcast, and in promoting me out to other podcast hosts. They have shown greater flexibility in meeting my requests than other competing podcast services I have used. I highly recommend them.”

- Jefferson Lilly - investment Expert & host of mobile home park investors podcast


"They totally get is about building relationships and success comes to those who realize connection, communication and human interaction are key to building a business. It is my pleasure to have known this team since my podcast got started 350 episodes ago and I will continue to trust their judgment as I have done before many times."

 - Doug Sandler - host of nice guys on business podcast -


"I began working with Natalie and her team in 2015. Her ability to match me up with podcasts as a guest has been phenomenal. They are detail-oriented, professional and kind. The customer service mentality has made them a pleasure to work with and generated many great presentations for me. Take the opportunity to work with them."

- Mike Shelah - Linkedin training expert & keynote speaker -