how it works FOR EXPERT GUESTs


we find & research great shows for you

looking for quality shows with topnotch hosts, that specifically suit your expertise and have your desired audience. 


we use our specialist sales & pitching skills

to tracking down the hosts direct contact information and send them a personalized, tailored email spotlighting why *you* would be the perfect guest for their show. 


we diligently follow-up

as hosts have busy inboxes like the rest of us, most interviews are not confirmed right away. We diligently follow-up until we get your interview secured...think, dog with a bone.


we schedule & do the other stuff

using your calendar link, we coordinate the recording date with the host getting your interview scheduled and in your diary. We ensure the host has your bio, head-shot, social media info and any other details they require. If you do rather handle your own diary, no problem, we will simply introduce you and the host so that final arrangements can be made directly.