how it works for show hosts


we locate & research great guests for you 

whether its experts, entrepreneurs, authors or others, we will find the right people for your specific show. We ensure they have interview experience and we will send you their details for pre-approval. We will also work with your guest wish-list.

we find contact details & reach out

once approved, we obtain direct contact details and connect with the potential guest. We provide information about your show and audience and invite them on for an interview.


we diligently follow-up

everyone is busy so often invitations are not accepted immediately. We diligently follow-up, using our persuasive charm to get your interview secured. 


we schedule & provide everything you need 

using your calendar link, we coordinate a recording date with the guest getting your interview scheduled and in your diary. We ensure you have their bio, head-shot, intro, social media info and any other details you require. If you would prefer to manage your own interview calendar, we will simply introduce you and the guest directly.