interview booking for corporate teams


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We are experienced in working with corporate teams who have multiple experts from one company wanting to do podcast guesting. We will position each individual on shows that suit their personal expertise whilst promoting your business to the right audiences.

Here’s how we will facilitate your account:


Your Own Dedicated Team

You will have your own dedicated team, including 1-2 highly experienced Account Managers, who will work together in caring for your account and interview bookings. They will get to know your company, each individual doing guesting, and your marketing objectives. They will work closely with you as the organizer, keeping you updated on progress and will be available to you whenever needed.


The Right Shows

We find podcast shows that meet your companies criteria and that personally suit the expertise of each individual doing guesting. We thoroughly research each show to ensure it's well-established, has a good number of listeners and producing high-quality content. If we ever book an interview that doesn’t meet this spec, we’ll replace it.


Communication & Confirmation

We take care of all the communications with the show hosts. This includes representing your company in a personalized and professional manner. Your Account Managers will do the necessary pitching and follow-ups vital to getting all interviews confirmed.


Scheduling & Guest Details

Using online calendars, we coordinate and schedule recording dates for each podcast interview. We ensure each show host has all the information they need for the person they will be interviewing. If individuals prefer to manage their own calendars and scheduling we can connect them directly with the show hosts.