Agents & publicists 

If you’re an agent or publicist helping your client to position themselves as a thought-leader, grow their business and increase their SEO, podcasting is the perfect outlet. We guarantee a certain amount of interviews every month for your client - always on quality shows within their niche and with their ideal audience type. We take care of everything and provide you with a discount so you can white-label the service if you desire. You will find our standard prices on the Expert Guest page.

Simply complete the application form on behalf of your client, making sure that you tick the box “I am an agent representing my client”. We will then send you details about our Agent Discount.


Here is how we will care for you and your client:


Personal Account Manager

You will have your own dedicated account manager who’s highly experienced in podcast interview booking. They will work with you to guide your client in the right direction, preparing them for podcast guesting and help them to succeed. Your account manager will adjust to your working-style, allowing you to be as hands-on or hands-off as you wish to be in the process. They will get to know you and your  client. They will keep you both regularly updated on the progress of the account and will be available to you whenever needed.


Podcast Shows That Match Your Client

We find perfect podcast shows for your client based on their expertise and their desired audience type/client profile. We thoroughly research each show to ensure high-quality and good audience size. We try and ensure that host posts their episodes to their website with show notes and back-links to your clients site for the SEO benefits. You can let us know if there are specific podcasts you’d like us to contact on your clients behalf. If there is ever an interview that your client doesn’t like, we will simply replace it.


Communication & Confirmation

We take care of all the communication with show hosts. We do all the necessary work to professionally pitch your client to hosts and diligently following up, using our persuasive charm to get your clients podcast interviews secured.


Schedule Interview Recording Dates

Using your client’s calendar link, we coordinate the recording dates for their podcast interviews with each show host, getting all their interviews scheduled and in their diary. We ensure each show host has their bio, head-shot, website link, social media info and their direct contact details (yours also if desired). If your client doesn’t use an online calendar and would prefer to manage their own scheduling, we can easily connect them and you directly with hosts.