Nurturing a Growth Mindset to Help Our Children Learn

Teru Clavel


When Teru Clavel had young children, the oldest barely two, she watched as her friends and fellow parents vied to secure a spot in the right New York City pre-school. Following her gut feeling that a truly world-class education involves more than the privilege of elite private schools, Teru and her family moved to Asia, embarking on a ten-year-long journey through the public schools of Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Tokyo, followed by two years in Palo Alto. During this time, Teru discovered firsthand why students in China and Japan are far outpacing their American counterparts. Teru is now an education expert, columnist, and sought-after public speaker. Since 2010, she has run her own education consulting practice, advising globally-minded families on a range of issues that includes multiple language acquisition, school choice, and how to enroll their children in U.S. universities. Teru has written columns on education for both the Japan Times and the Financial Times, and she has made appearances on CBS This Morning, CNBC’s Squawk Box, and Channel NewsAsia. Teru spent a decade raising her family in Asia, and has a BA in Asian studies and an MS in comparative international education. She recently returned to live in New York with her family. You can learn more about Teru by visiting her website:

Listen to Teru’s interview as an expert guest on the Building Psychological Strength podcast, hosted by April Seifert:

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