Why You Need An Expert Booking Your Podcast Interviews

Once upon a time there was a gigantic yellow book that could be found in every household across the land. When you needed anything, you simply looked up a category, picked an advertisement that caught your eye, called the number and hey-presto, you were set with the service you needed. 

Wow, how times have changed, remember the Yellow Pages? So simple it sounds like a made-up story right. Where would you even get a Yellow Pages now days? I remember being beguiled by my grandfather as he tore one in half with his bare-hands, purely to impress his granddaughters...I'm telling this story 20 years later, so it obviously worked. Anyway, point is, experts, professionals and service providers can no longer simply print an ad and wait for business to come their way. Now its about eye-catching websites, SEO, social media and podcast interviews. Keeping ahead of the game and ahead of your competition is a lot of work, it takes constant effort, time, organization and that is before you have even spoken to a client or customer!

So why use an expert booker to secure your interviews? You can find good shows, you can even track down the hosts contact info and you can certainly send an email explaining why you'd be a great guest.  However, there are two simple reasons, time and professional image. 

Researching shows, finding contact details and writing a good pitch email is not a quick process. And here's the thing, most hosts do not respond to the first email, often not even the second, so diligent follow-up is a huge part of the process. This is why you need an expert booker if you wish to make a dent in the podcast world...its their actual day job. They are called 'experts' because they know how and where to find the shows YOU want, they know how to get the hosts contact details quickly, if they don't already have them, and most importantly, they know how to get the hosts attention.

A good expert booker, won't just send out robotic-like sales emails (you know the ones we all just delete when they land in our inbox), they will research the show, the hosts style, listen to episodes and then they will create a tailored pitch specifically detailing what makes YOU perfect for that particular shows audience. In addition, they will then do the arduous leg work of follow-up with the busy host until they get an answer...think dog-with-a-bone.

So what about ones professional image? Well who do you think looks like the more 'heavy-weight' expert guest? The guy who has just written his own "this is why I would be a good guest for your show" email. Or the guy who has a booking agent writing "this is way John would be a great guest for your show and your audience" email? The fact is, even if you are new to the podcast world, you do not have to look it. An expert booker will represent you in a professional way and give you the edge.

Whether you are booking your own or using an expert booker, keep making great interviews happen!


Why you need an Expert Booking your podcast interviews