Who Are Listening to Podcasts: Consumer Reports

Podcasts are the new radio! This is interesting, as back in 2006, 78% of the population were not even aware of the term ‘podcast’. However, there has been a growth explosion over the past few years, with more people listening to podcasts than ever before. There are now more shows being aired than you could ever listen to in a lifetime, on every subject you can possibly imagine.

But is podcasting simply the “trendy” thing, or is there noteworthy value to this form of media? Is it REALLY worth your time, effort and expense to be producing a show, or to be doing guest interviews on shows?

This article will present the facts and figures courtesy of Edison Research who put together “The Podcast Consumer 2017” report based on the Infinite Dial 2017 study (conducted in partnership with Triton Digital) and the latest from Edison’s Share of Ear® research.

Edison Research had been conducting a series of studies that have been covering a wide range of digital media topics since 1998. In January/February 2017, they conducted a national telephone survey of people aged 12 and older which included opinions on podcasts.

The findings are based on the number of podcast users in America and is useful information for anyone wanting to invest in this medium as a marketing resource.

Here is a summary of Edison’s report:

Growth - Podcasting continues to rise, with monthly listeners growing from 21% to 24% year over year. Up to 40% of the population have listened to podcasts, compared to only 11% back in 2006.

Listener Category - The audience for podcasts continues to be predominately between the ages of 18-54. Males make up 56% of the audience, with 44% women.

Listener Profile - The podcast listener remains an affluent, educated and employed consumer. One that is increasingly more likely to opt for ad-free or ad-light subscription experiences.

Preferred Listening Method - Clicking on a podcast to listen to it immediately (either streamed or via progressive download) is the dominant choice for listening, with 77% choosing that method. A noteworthy 27% subscribe to podcasts. The study also showed that 69% of listeners use their Smartphone, tablet or portable device, instead of their computer.

Time Spent Listening - The average listener spends 1-3 hours a week listening to podcasts, with the majority listening to up to five podcasts a week. On average, they subscribe to six podcasts.

Preferred Location - While home continues to be the most popular named location for podcast listening, the car/truck comes in at a close second.

How Often & How Long - Most podcast consumers listen to nearly all of the podcast episodes they download. Nearly half of all listeners, listen to an episode within 24 hours of downloading. Interestingly, the vast majority listen to at least most of each episode, but not all of it.

What do we learn from these enlightening facts and figures? Well, that there has never been a better time to pursue podcasting. Whether you are thinking of starting your own podcast show or you are contemplating the use of podcast interviews, this form of marketing (if done correctly and consistently) will deliver serious exposure. Podcasting is a marketing media well worth considering and a valuable tool that can help bring you business growth and success. 

You can download the full report which consists of some interesting charts and diagrams here -  http://www.edisonresearch.com/the-podcast-consumer-2017/