Why Being a Podcast Guest is a Powerful Marketing Tool

More and more professionals are using podcast interviews as a marketing tool. But why has this form of marketing become such an effective strategy for business growth?

Let's consider a few points…

Exposure. We are not talking about sub-zero temperatures and frostbitten appendages here. We are talking about serious business exposure. People can learn about you and your company in their own environment. A recent consumer report showed that most people spend 1-3 hours every week listening to podcasts, usually in the comfort and privacy of their homes and vehicles. Listeners can learn about your business, service, website, or book, in a non-invasive way, without having to give out an email address, or any other personal information.

Multitasking. We are all interested in multitasking, and yes, both men and women are capable of it! That is why podcasts are powerful. We can listen to our favorite episodes while walking our dog, commuting to work, slogging away on the cross-trainer or cooking dinner. As a podcast guest, you can be entertaining as well as informative as you seek to gain a newly interested customer or client.

Personality. People are nervous about investing in an unknown on the internet. When a person sees the personality behind your business, they are more likely to trust you, and more likely to use your service. When you think of Apple, who do you think of? It is not just a great brand, it was the man behind it all. Both the personality and the outstanding consumer experience spun the company into stardom with a loyal following. Hearing the passionate voice of the person behind the logo or the website is the best way to inspire confidence, and podcasting will achieve this for you. It gives you the opportunity to show you care and can offer viable solutions for your listening audience.

Memorable Experience. Create a memorable experience for your listeners by being yourself. Be entertaining. Share your advice, tips, and tricks of your trade. Share your personal experiences, your failures, and successes, and people will remember you for it. Even if they don't need your service at that moment, they may in the future and they will think of that great interview they listened to - your episode! What do you think a person will remember the most, your competitor's ad banner that popped up on their screen whilst they were searching for something on the web, OR that entertaining/informative episode they listened to of you being interviewed...whose website are they most likely to visit? A podcast interview delivers far more value to a listener and potential client than any other form of marketing.

Capture Curiosity. Leave some curiosity in your audience's mind about who you are and where you are going next as a company. You don’t have to "say it all”. Curiosity will motivate people to find out more about who you are and what you can do for them. That’s the power of podcast marketing - get it right and customers will come to you.

A Chance to Shine. Invest the time and effort into podcasting and you will have the edge on your competitors and see great returns. However, if the thought of doing interviews have you chewing on your nails, which is completely normal, you can conquer the fear. Anybody can master the art of being a great podcast guest. Sure, there are a few born entertainers among us, but for most people, it is something that can be learned. After a few shows, your confidence will grow and your listeners will be convinced that they need your service even before they contact you.

Practice being natural (yes I know that seems oxymoronic), but often being natural doesn't come naturally when we are in front of a microphone. Let your listeners hear the conviction, experience, and knowledge in your voice. Above all, relax! People listen to podcasts to be entertained and learn something new, not to hear an extended sales pitch. Listeners will check you out if they enjoy your interview.

Podcasting is here to stay. More and more listeners are tuning in to iTunes, Stitcher, iheartradio, and a host of other platforms. You can even download your favorite podcast apps on Amazon. There is no doubt that if you want your business noticed, then get ahead of your competition by being a podcast superstar. Be a guest on as many shows as you can make time for and get into it for the long game, as podcasts will continue to grow in number and popularity. It is without a doubt your number one marketing tool now, and well into the future.

Don’t get left behind. Podcasting is an invaluable marketing tool that you should be using.

Natalie Davey