Am I Ready To Start My Own Podcast?

Starting a podcast is a great idea! After all, podcasts are growing by the day in popularity. Why not start your own? Here at the Expert Bookers, we decided to keep it real. We are in no way discouraging anyone from starting their own podcast, in fact quite the opposite. But below we have listed out a few self-examining questions to see if you are ready to jump into the sea of podcasting. 

Are you a self-motivated person who has a knowledge base behind the idea? A podcast is relatively easy to start, but building a loyal fan base requires dedication and long-term commitment. Listeners will quickly look somewhere else for content if they see your show is airing episodes sporadically. To build a reputation of being a quality show you need to be producing an episode consistently, at least once a week.

Can you be genuinely enthusiastic about your niche week after week? Are you a good storyteller? Do you have an interesting background? This is crucial. None of us enjoying listening to dull uninspiring material. We live in a content-saturated world, your listeners will be looking for informative and exciting entertainment.

Do you have enough content? Content is king. Have you written out a plan of action with some show titles and outlines of your topics to be discussed? Think about a blogger. Some successful bloggers write for months in advance, before they start their new website. The same principles apply to podcasting. A strategy and plan of action will help you feel more confident in your newfound podcast.

Are you going to host an interview based podcast? Where are you going to find your guests? You may have some in mind, but you can also join podcast groups on Facebook, or even reach out to some of your contacts on Linkedin or other social media channels. All great, but the reality is, this requires time and research. Think about hiring an expert booker. They will not only find you great guests, but this is their expertise, they will be well connected. They know where and how to find the great guests you are looking for so you can focus on your content.

Do you have the right equipment? A poor recording is the fastest way to lose potential fans. You don’t have to spend a fortune, but your computer microphone will not be enough. We have listed out some quality microphones here that you can check out. Also, Do you know where to host your podcast? There are dozens of hosting services like Soundcloud, Podbean, Blubrry, name just a few.

Do you have a great website? Fans will check out your website and read the transcripts of your show. When your show is uploaded to distribution sites such as iTunes or Stitcher they will include a link to your podcast episode page so listeners can easily access your website. If you have show notes on your site for each episode, it's a great way for listeners to recap on something they enjoyed, or find the links to people, companies, books, the guest you interviewed or other resources mentioned in your show. Include professional graphics for each episode and guest interviews. It's worth hiring a professional, at the very least to get this setup for you correctly. Here at The Expert Bookers, we use, we recommend checking them out.

Are you active on social media? Do you have a loyal fan base that is waiting for you to launch your podcast? If not, try building up your social media fan base first. Then you can use it to create some buzz about your upcoming podcast. There are dozens of ways of promoting your podcast. We will cover that subject in an upcoming article.

This is by no means an “all-inclusive” list of questions and points to think about, but they certainly include important factors for your success. If you are having some doubts, try being a podcast guest for a few months, learn from your hosts. It is a great way to get your feet wet before jumping in head first and gives you a chance to practice the art of conversation.


Written By Natalie Davey


   Written By Natalie Davey              This post may or may not contain affiliate links


Written By Natalie Davey





This post may or may not contain affiliate links