Promote Your Podcast Interview Successfully

You don't need to be a marketing genius or SEO guru to realize that podcast guesting is one of the smartest and most effective forms of promoting your business, whilst defining you as a thought-leader. If you deliver great content in your interviews, show hosts will automatically want to promote your episodes on platforms such as iTunes, their websites and social media pages. (For more information about how to provide great content as a guest be sure to check out the article: Podcast Interviews: The Art of NOT Selling.

But don't let the host do all the work! To get the most benefits from podcasting you should use each of your episodes as a tool - think of them as little marketing bombs. You can double your exposure and leverage each interview with a little promoting of your own, making this form of marketing truly work for you and increasing your chance of return.

Firstly, at the end of each interview, once the record button has been turned-off, be sure to ask the show host to send you a copy of the recording once it has been edited so that you can promote the episode to your network. Every host will be delighted at that prospect.

Once you receive the recording of your interview, here is how you can promote it to ensure even further outreach:

Blog Posting

Be sure to include each of your interviews as a blog post on your website. Many business owners and entrepreneurs have a dedicated page on their site entitled “Interviews” or “Media Page”, where they include episodes they have featured in, along with the show notes (or transcript) from these episodes. Be sure to include the embedded video or audio from the interview. In doing this, you continue to provide fresh and valuable content which will drive more traffic to your site and encourage visitors to stay longer - and the longer visitors stay, the greater your SEO benefits. It's a win-win.

Social Media Channels

Social media allows you the opportunity of huge exposure to a variety of people. Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn offer the perfect platforms for promoting evergreen content - in other words, once online, always online. Keep in mind that there is greater value in having people visit your website than your social media pages - including SEO benefits and the greater chances of sales conversions. Where possible, instead of posting the full episode, why not post a teaser - just the interview intro or a particularly interesting section of the interview, with a “to listen to the full interview click here” option, then link your website page where the full episode is posted.

Email Newsletter

Send your latest interview to your faithful subscribers via your newsletter. In doing so, you're providing quality content to individuals who have already expressed an interest in you, your expertise and service. You can even have graphics made for each podcast episode or include photos, quotes etc. This is a great way to reach a loyal and an already engaged audience.

Email Signatures

Don't forget about this small but beneficial technique. Think about the average number of emails you send every week or month. Now think about if you were to include a podcast interview in each one of these as a subtle add-on to your signature. You’re creating another opportunity to attract new customers.

Paid Advertising & Re-targeting

You may not be interested in paying to advertise your podcast interviews, but it is worth mentioning that this form of marketing on social media platforms can be effective. Facebook particularly, allows you to create ads that are super-targeted towards the ideal audience that may be interested in your interview subject. And don't forget about the re-targeting benefits - if a person clicks on a sponsored ad that is promoting your podcast interview, you can re-target them with further relevant ads.


By using these methods and suggestions you will ensure maximum content exposure, helping you to achieve your desired results from podcasting. Whether you employ one or all of these techniques, you will be making the most of your podcast interviews and ultimately continuing to grow your business, brand, and influence.