PODCAST PICKS: Top 10 Real Estate Podcasts

Here at The Expert Bookers, we live and breathe podcasts. We spend a tremendous amount of hours every week, researching and listening to different shows. We interact with the show hosts and their teams. We experience first hand the lengths hosts go to, to ensure superb content and excellent expert interviews. We hail these hosts as they work hard to provide the very best insights, advice, and entertainment for us, the listeners.

There are many brilliant podcasts being aired and we (The Expert Bookers), have an extensive list of favorites. Over the coming months, we will continue to release our personal “Podcast Picks” revealing many hidden treasures from different categories within the world of podcasting.

Below we have compiled a Top 10 List of the Best Real Estate Podcasts.

our real estate podcast picks

1. Bigger Pockets 

Hosted by Joshua Dorkin and Brandon Turner. This show features off-the-cuff interviews with investors of various backgrounds, niches, and experience levels. A must for anyone in (or wanting to get in to) the real estate game.

2. Real Estate Rockstars

Hosted by Pat Hiban. A great show, interviewing noteworthy real estate coaches and top salespeople within the industry...and Pat is always fun to listen too.

3. Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever  

Hosted by Joe Fairless. This is a no-fluff show that provides daily interviews/episodes on every aspect of real estate. There’s something for everyone, providing great advice no matter what stage in the real estate investing game you're at.

4. Cash Flow Diary  

Hosted by J. Massey. This show sets you up with everything you need to know in order to become a successful real estate entrepreneur. J offers strategies and interviews on every aspect of being an investing practitioner. This show has been running forever and is still delivering great content.

5. Real Estate Investing For Cash Flow

Hosted by Kevin Bupp. Excellent content on everything you would ever want to know about commercial property investing for passive income. Interviews with successful experts from within the industry.

6. Lifetime Cash Flow Through Real Estate Investing  

Hosted by Rod Khleif. Focusing on multi-family, apartment and commercial property investing, this show interviews leaders in the field. Great interviews, great advice!

7. Mobile Home Park Investors

Hosted by Jefferson Lilly & Brad Johnson. This show is dedicated to mobile home park investing. Jefferson and Brad interview great experts from within the industry to offer advice and resources needed to succeed in this lucrative niche of real estate investing.

8. The Real Wealth Show

Hosted by Kathy Fettke. A well-established show, where Kathy delivers actionable and educational tips and news to help you succeed in real estate investing to the point of giving up your day job. She has her expert guests share their passive income advice on cash flowing real estate.

9. Flipping Junkie

Hosted by Danny Johnson. Great weekly interviews with regular Joe house flippers, as well as the experts in real estate investing. A comprehensive show delivering content on all aspects of property flipping.  

10. CashFlowGuys

Hosted by Tyler Sheff. A down to earth show that interviews experts within the real-estate and financial arena to provide tips and tools to get you on the road to real estate investing.


We would love to hear about your favorite podcast shows and other worthy contenders you feel could be added to this list.