media kits for podcasting

                                       A professional bio-sheet gives you credebility as an Expert Guest

                                      A professional bio-sheet gives you credebility as an Expert Guest

What is a Bio Sheet?

A bio-sheet is a professionally designed page that presents an accurate depiction of who you are, details your expertise and highlights your's a tool that tells a show host why you are a great guest. It gives you credibility and shows off your brand, presenting you in a professional manner. In the podcast world having a bio-sheet is a must if you wish to stand with the heavy-weight expert guests. 

Your own custom designed, interactive bio-sheet is included when you work with us!

Getting your bio-sheet designed

When you work us, as part of the service, we include your own custom designed, fully interactive bio-sheet designed by our professional graphic artist team. There is no cost to you.


Our graphics team will require the following information from you: 

  • Brief bio written in the third person

  • List of 3-5 topics or areas of expertise you can be interviewed on

  • List of 3-5 suggested interview questions that the host can ask you

  • Professional looking High-res head-shot or photo

  • High-res company logo

  • Contact details and all social media account addresses you would like on your one-sheet




Podcast interviews are a powerful tool that can be used to market you and your business.

We can help you with this by designing graphics* for each of your interviews, featuring you and your brand. They will be created and can be sent directly to your inbox ready to be posted to your social media channels and your website. Or if you prefer, we can post your graphics to your social media channels and even add them to ours as well, giving you even greater exposure.

If you're a show host, our specialist podcast graphic designers can create you a stunning show graphic* template, adhering to your brand and look. They will be sized correctly to fit your website and/or social media platforms. Each episode title and guest picture will be added to your completed graphic template.

*One-off lifetime set up fee at $99.

                                                                                            Show graphics give a podcast the professional edge

                                                                                           Show graphics give a podcast the professional edge




Social media management has become an essential part of business today. However, it requires time and attention. And outsourcing prices can be high. We wanted to provide a solution for our customers.

Our professional and experienced team will:

  • Keep your brand professionally presented in the public eye, without exorbitant monthly fees.
  • Represent you with a look and feel consistent with your expertise and brand.
  • Provide you with your own personal social media manager - we do not farm out our research and graphics to other companies
  • Provide a personalized service that suits your needs.

Tell us about your social media goals.