Media kits: promote yourself properly

                                      A professional bio-sheet gives you credibility as an Expert Guest

                                      A professional bio-sheet gives you credibility as an Expert Guest

What is a Bio-Sheet?

A bio-sheet is a professionally designed page that presents an accurate depiction of who you are, details your expertise and highlights your's a tool that tells a show host why you are a great guest. It gives you credibility and shows off your brand, presenting you in a professional manner. In the podcast world having a bio-sheet is a must if you wish to stand with the heavy-weight expert guests. 

Your own custom designed, interactive bio-sheet is included when you work with us!

Getting your bio-sheet designed

When you work us, as part of the service, we include your own custom designed, fully interactive bio-sheet designed by our professional graphic artist team. There is no cost to you.


Our graphics team will require the following information from you: 

  • Brief bio written in the third person

  • List of 3-5 topics or areas of expertise you can be interviewed on

  • List of 3-5 suggested interview questions that the host can ask you

  • Professional looking high resolution head-shot or photo

  • High resolution company logo

  • Contact details and all social media account addresses you would like on your bio-sheet




For the greatest returns on your podcasting investment you need to promote your interviews on your website and social media platforms.

We can help you with this. Our design team will create personalized graphics for your episodes. After each of your interviews, we will contact the show hosts to obtain the recording links. We will then prepare a tailored graphic featuring the podcast, episode title, you and your brand. The graphic will be interactive, enabling the user to access your interview when clicked upon.

These graphics can be sent directly to your inbox, ready for you to post to your social media channels and website. Alternatively, we can post each of your interview graphics for you. Each completed graphic will be sized correctly to fit your site and/or the various social media platforms.

The following packages are inclusive of graphics sized, and posted if option selected, to four platforms of your choice.*